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Hotel cosmetics and accessories are personalized an indispensable element of visual communication in hotel facilities as well as a great tool supporting building a hotel brand. They are used by both small boutique-style facilities and large hotel chains. Our offer includes cosmetic lines signed with our own logotype, consisting of any products you choose, both cosmetic and hotel accessories.

It is also possible to create your own cosmetic brand, the so-called "PRIVATE LABEL".

How to create your own cosmetic line with a logo?

It's easy...
Here is a quick step-by-step guide:


First of all, you should define the assortment you are interested in.


Then we choose the packaging designs: bottle model, soap packaging type, cardboard box type for packaging hotel accessories.


The next step is to establish the design concept of the line being created, to visually match the character of the hotel. Finally, choosing your own fragrance note and the color of the liquids selected by us.


Now we deserve a moment of rest (2 days). This is the time when our graphic designer will develop designs according to a mutually agreed concept and send them to you for inspection. Now is the time to comment on the submitted projects and make any corrections.


After making all corrections to the designs, we confirm their acceptance and place the order, and our company starts production.


The waiting time for finished products may take up to 21 working days and depends on the complexity of the ordered projects and the production capacity of our printing house in a given period.

From now on, we can enjoy our own cosmetic line, which will undoubtedly complement the positive image of our hotel.

Sample projects

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